A little embossing

Hey guys! I’m back with another fun post. Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite things: SHC, embossing, script and a stamped background. SHC or Seven Hills Crafts is an awesome website and their May Theme Challenge is “Embossing”.

Just to give you a little back story, before I found the SHC website I had a really hard time getting the stamps I wanted since many of my favourite brands like Mama Elephant, Concord & 9th, Hero Arts etc. are based in the US. Shipping would take forever and would cost a lot. So finding a UK-based website that stocks all my favourites and has great service has been amazing (not so much for my wallet though :)) ).

Now on to the project. I had a request from a friend for some decoration for a bachelorette party which included a “Bride to Be” wand (yup, that’s a thing). I decided to use two of my faves, “Sophisticated Script” and “Peony Bouquet”. I used the smaller peony to stamp a background in a light pink with some light mint leaves.

  • Tip: if you only have one ink pad and you want to use a layering stamp like I did here, simply stamp off for the first layer.


For the phrase I knew I wanted to use Gold Embossing Powder. I got my letters out but I realised I wouldn’t be able to align them if I was using Versamark, which is a clear ink. So instead I stamped the phrase in black ink first (any ink will work as long as you can see it well), then I re-stamped each letter using Versamark. That’s the beauty of clear stamps ūüôā


I have to say this script looks fantastic embossed. The bride was quite pleased with it and so am I. Here’s a little look at all the decorations I made.

PicMonkey Collage



DIY Ink Pad Storage

Hey guys! Today my post is about organization & storage. Now I don’t know about you, but I struggle to stay organized in my craft studio. Being messy and having a small studio don’t mix well. So when I redid my studio I put a lot of thought into how I could maximize the space I had and keep things handy but organized.

One of the first issues I tackled was my ink pad storage. Originally I kept them in my desk drawer, but as my collection grew I realised this system would not work long term. I could only fit 18 pads in one drawer and, since I had 33 total, this would mean filling both drawers up, leaving no room for some of the other things I needed to store close at hand. WP_20160316_16_07_37_Pro

So one day I was looking around on youtube and I found the perfect solution! I came across a video which showed how to make your own ink pad storage tower out of cardstock!  You know I love a good DIY and this is just genius! Super simple to make and you only need a few inexpensive supplies.

The video is in German but the measurements are all written down on post-it notes and it’s really easy to follow.

I’ve changed it up a bit to suit my personal needs (I wanted to fit 12 ink pads in one tower and I also didn’t need the reinker tray on top). You can do the same if you want to (you just have to adjust the backing piece measurements as I did).


These are all the supplies you’ll need for one tower:

  • 7 sheets of A4 cardstock (I recommend using thicker cardstock, 300g, to ensure the tower is super sturdy and durable)
  • paper trimmer
  • liquid glue
  • double sided tape
  • ruler

In order to make the 12 slots I cut down 6 of the sheets to 10.5 x 25 cm. I scored each one at 2, 12, 14 and 24 cm. Then I folded on the score lines and used some strong double sided tape to glue the flaps.


After I assembled all 12 slots, I used some liquid glue to adhere¬†one on top of the other (you can see this in the video). To give stability to the tower you need to glue a backing piece. Since I went with 12 slots I adjusted my size by measuring the height of my tower (you can see it’s 24.8 cm). So my piece measures 21 x 24.8 cm (score lines are the same: 5.4 cm and 15.6 cm).


I glued it to the sides of the tower and voila! The completed project(s)!


I love that I’m able to store my inks vertically now, which saves me a lot of space, and they’re¬†right behind my desk for easy reach.


Hope you like the idea as much as I did! Check out the video and give it a try :).

Banner Blast #GDP026

Hey guys! Life’s been surprisingly hectic lately so I’ve been missing from the blog for a while, but I’ll be returning to a regular posting schedule now (hopefully!).

Today I’m playing along with the Global Design Project. I always check out their challenge on Monday¬†because it’s a great way to get inspired¬†and start off the week with a creative bang. Now, granted, sometimes I procrastinate and things get in the way but it’s a great habit to get into.

This week’s challenge is a Sketch Challenge.

Sketch Challenge

You’ll see that I didn’t take it too literally, which is ok. Often, by trying to be true to the sketch you end up¬†limiting yourself and even getting frustrated with your project. Remember that the sketch is there to give you inspiration but¬†after that initial spark, don’t be afraid to run with it and follow your creative process.

You’ll be surprised what you end up with :). I ended up with a banner! Ok, no surprise there. If you’ve been to my blog a few times you’ll know that I’m a sucker for banners.


I really like how this turned out. It’s really fun and colorful and great to have around when you need a little pick-me-up. You can hang it in your house¬†or in your craft area for a little fun decor.

You’re Vintage

Hey guys! Today’s project(s) features some of my favourite elements (vintage, retro, type, quotes).¬†I’m also using the Tap Tap Tap stamp set which is one of my faves.

If you’re giving someone a book as a gift it’s always nice to also include a bookmark. If it’s a hand made bookmark even better! I wanted something simple since the design of the book was very minimal.

I cut a piece of Very Vanilla cardstock (if you’re going for a vintage look it’s always better to work with a cream color rather than a bright white) to 2″ wide and I punched the top using one of my tag topper punches¬†(quick and easy). The length of the tag or bookmark doesn’t matter as you can always trim it down later (in fact it’s better to leave it long so you don’t run out of room for your writing/stamping).

Next, I picked a quote and used my old typewriter to type it out. I know what you’re gonna say, not everyone happens to have a typewriter and, while I think having one is amazing, you can either write the quote by hand or download a typewriter font and use a printer to get a similar look.


I really liked how this came out so I ended up making a couple more for two other gift-giving occassions.


The tag particularly cracks me up :). There really is no end to the puns and funny sentiments you can come up with using a typewriter.




DIY Die Storage

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to share a few tips with you on craft room organization. I’m hoping to do a whole series on this as it’s something that a lot of us struggle with (particularly those of us who don’t have a lot of space).

I’m always looking for new ways to efficiently organize my art/craft supplies. Often, as your supplies multiply, you end up outgrowing the system you originally had in place.

This was the case with my die storage system. The dies I have from SU come in nice, thick plastic envelopes. What most people do with these is put them on a piece of magnetic sheet and store them in their envelope.


This worked really well for me while I only had a few die sets. You can see here that all my Big Shot items fit into one little Variera basket from Ikea.


However, as my collection grew, the basket got pretty full. It still worked ok but I wanted something more accessible (less rummaging to find what I needed). So yesterday, as I was sitting at my desk, the perfect idea came to me! I already had a magnetic board from Ikea which I wasn’t using for anything important (it was holding some miscellaneous items, postcards, old drawings, etc.) so I repurposed it!

All you need for this DIY magnetic die storage system is:

6 A4 magnetic sheets (if you can find a bigger size even better) You’ll see that I initially only got five and I ended up with a naked corner :)) )

1 Spontan magnetic board from Ikea

double-sided tape

Regardless of the size of your sheets just make sure they are strong enough to hold your dies in place.


Put some double-sided tape on the back of each sheet.


After using four full sheets, you will have to cut a few long, narrow pieces to cover the remaining space. Here’s where I realised five sheets were just shy of what I needed…


No worries,¬†I fixed that later :). Here’s how the finished board looks on the wall. It took me maybe ten minutes to put it together so I’m very pleased with the result.


I put my most used dies on the bottom (for easy access even when I’m sitting down) and the seasonal ones (mostly Christmas) at the very top since I won’t be reaching for them for a while. The beauty of this is that you can see everything at a glance and move them around as you like. It’s also easier and quicker to put them back after you’ve finished with them (considering how messy my desk usually gets anything that helps with clean up is awesome).

Let me know if you guys give it a try!

Christmas Terrarium

Merry Christmas guys! If you’re like me you’re probably still recovering after Christmas lunch…I swore I couldn’t eat another bite and there I was going for one more potato :)).

But this post is evidence that I did eventually manage to peel myself from the table and do a little last minute crafting. I saw this fabulous idea on Stampin’ Up’s blog the other day and I knew I had to make one. You can check out the original idea and project¬†here.

Introducing the Christmas¬†terrarium…


How cute is this thing ?! It’s super easy to make and you only need a couple of things you probably have around the house.


medium or large jar (depends how many things you want to put in it)

coarse salt (you can use fine salt if that’s the only kind you have but you get better texture with the large crystals; you can also mix in some glitter or mica flakes to give it some sparkle like I did here)

a few sprigs of rosemary (it smells amazing; you can also use some small pine branches)

elements for building your scene (you can use anything from small ornaments, die cuts, cupcake toppers – yup that’s what the Santa and reindeer I used are, you can spray paint some pine cones, literally anything will work)

trim to decorate the jar (I used some gold cord, a couple of bells and some wooden snowflakes, but any ribbon/embellishments will do)


These would be great as a gift for loved ones or as a centre piece for the Christmas feast :). I hope you give it a try ūüėČ



DIY Spice Jar Labels

Hey guys! Today I have a non-Christmas project for you. Although one can argue that Christmas is the best time for spicing things up in the kitchen ūüėČ

I’ve been meaning to share this project for a while now so I figured I’d just go for it. It started out with my mom complaining that her spice cabinet was out of control. She had this really neat cabinet custom made for her teas and spices and all that, but over time she filled it with jars of all shapes and sizes and it was a nightmare trying to find anything in there.

Case in point:


So how did I get the fancy “after” look ? Easy peasy.

First I ordered 7 packs of Droppar jars from Ikea. I love these – they’re affordable and look really great.


Then I cut some rectangles out of black cardstock (about 5 cm x 2.5 cm). You can cut the labels to any size (and shape) to fit any jars you want to use, the principle is the same.

I grabbed my White Gel Pen and drew a leafy border around the edges. This is a very forgiving pattern so you don’t have to worry too much about straight lines.

Then I wrote the names of the spices in the middle using different styles. I mostly used script, which is my favourite style, but I also used plain old caps and they still look fab. You really don’t have to be a hand-lettering genius to make these, I promise :).

WP_20150928_19_11_34_Pro¬†This chalkboard look is very “in” and looks super cute. I hope you give this a try (even if you’re not spice hoarders like us ūüėÄ ).

P.S. (for my English readers): In case you were wondering about some of the strange names, they’re in Romanian. I couldn’t have my mom Google Translate whenever she needs a little thyme ūüôā