A flurry of wishes (Crafty Christmas #1)

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing my first Christmas project of the season :). I know, it seems kinda early to be thinking about Christmas, but when it comes to hand crafting you have to plan ahead (like waaaay ahead).

Today I’m showcasing my favourite Christmas stamp set, A Flurry of Wishes. This one was love at first sight <3. My friends know I have a thing for snowflakes (and winter in general) and celtic knots so this was just perfect for me. And it has a matching punch, I mean what more could a girl ask for ?
I’ve already made several projects using it but probably my favourite one is the banner I’m sharing today.
The image just doesn’t do it justice. It’s got beautiful font, some gold for sparkle and plenty of snowflakes…it’s soft, yet crisp and modern at the same time.
And since I loved it so much I decided to make some matching Christmas ornaments as well. These would make a great hand made gift for friends or family.
Christmas, at least for me, is a reminder to look at the world with wonder, to allow yourself to feel joy and share it with those around you.


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