Memories in a jar (DIY keepsake)

Today I have a sweet little keepsake idea (I just love this one!).

This summer I went to the south of Italy with two of my close friends. We went to the beautiful region of Puglia, known for its majestic olive groves, magnificent sandy beaches and amazing food. Everything about the place is inviting and beathtaking. So naturally it offers endless creative inspiration.

While I was there I collected sand and small pebbles from some of the beautiful beaches we went to (I always seemed to have ziplock bags with me 🙂 ).
PicMonkey Collage
So when I got back I thought…hmm…now what ? I didn’t want to stick the bags in a drawer and just forget about them.

And then it hit me! I had a few empty Ikea Rajtan jars in the kitchen so I set to work. Luckily I had enough sand and pebbles to fill three jars. I made one for myself and another two to give to my friends who were with me on the trip.
This was the perfect way to remember our trip. When I’m feeling particularly nostalgic I take the lid off and take a whiff. It still gives off that lovely, salty sea smell (I’m sighing just thinking about it).

To decorate it I cut a circle out of watercolour paper, used a light blue to give it a soft background (you can’t really see it in the photo, it’s very light) and then I wrote the location, month and year on it and added a little flourish to fill the space around the edges. Tied a piece of coarse linen twine around it and done!
I keep mine on my desk and it always makes me smile <3.


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