DIY pencil holder

Hey guys! Today I have another fun and super easy project. I’m showing you how to turn a regular tin can into a beautiful pencil holder in just a few minutes.

These are three I made for my colleagues at work. They bring a little whimsy to our otherwise simple brown desks.
This is super easy to do and all you need is a tin can, a piece of designer/scrapbooking paper of your choice and some double sided tape.

Step 1: Measure the length of your tin can (in my case you can see it’s 10.3 cm.). You can use any size can you want/have, just wash it out after you eat the yummy inside :).
Step 2: Cut your paper to match the length of your can.
Step 3: Wrap the paper around the can to see how much you will need. Make sure you leave a little overlap and mark it with a pencil so you’ll know where to cut.
Then cut the excess off.
Step 4: Put a strip of double sided tape on the inside of one of the edges.
Step 5: Take the backing off your tape, wrap the paper around and stick it down. Press well to ensure it sticks nice and firm.
And voila! You have a beatiful piece of decor that can hold your pencils, paint brushes, pens etc.
Next time you make spaghetti make sure you save that can 😉


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