DIY Spice Jar Labels

Hey guys! Today I have a non-Christmas project for you. Although one can argue that Christmas is the best time for spicing things up in the kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been meaning to share this project for a while now so I figured I’d just go for it. It started out with my mom complaining that her spice cabinet was out of control. She had this really neat cabinet custom made for her teas and spices and all that, but over time she filled it with jars of all shapes and sizes and it was a nightmare trying to find anything in there.

Case in point:


So how did I get the fancy “after” look ? Easy peasy.

First I ordered 7 packs of Droppar jars from Ikea. I love these – they’re affordable and look really great.


Then I cut some rectangles out of black cardstock (about 5 cm x 2.5 cm). You can cut the labels to any size (and shape) to fit any jars you want to use, the principle is the same.

I grabbed my White Gel Pen and drew a leafy border around the edges. This is a very forgiving pattern so you don’t have to worry too much about straight lines.

Then I wrote the names of the spices in the middle using different styles. I mostly used script, which is my favourite style, but I also used plain old caps and they still look fab. You really don’t have to be a hand-lettering genius to make these, I promise :).

WP_20150928_19_11_34_Proย This chalkboard look is very “in” and looks super cute. I hope you give this a try (even if you’re not spice hoarders like us ๐Ÿ˜€ ).

P.S. (for my English readers): In case you were wondering about some of the strange names, they’re in Romanian. I couldn’t have my mom Google Translate whenever she needs a little thyme ๐Ÿ™‚





Global Design Project #GDP011

Hey guys! Today I’m playing along withย GDP. This week’s challenge has a theme ย I love well, Christmas :)!

GDP011 Theme - Christmas

I had initially planned to showcase a more elaborate home deco project but I ran out of time (crazy week!) and I decided to make a cute little card instead. Couldn’t miss out on the fun altogether ๐Ÿ™‚


I used the Peaceful Wreath stamp set which is just gorgeous. Last year I made loads of cards using Wondrous Wreath…


…so when Stampin’ Up came out with another holiday wreath that matched the same framelits I was like get outta here…toooo awesome ๐Ÿ˜€


I also used the luscious Woodland Embossing Folderย for the background (so sad to hear it’s retiring).


Check out all the other amazing projects on Global Design Project‘s website ;).

A sleigh in the night

Hey guys! It’s been a busy week but I’m back with another cute Christmas project :).

I’m using another one of my absolute favourites, the Sleigh Ride Edgelits.

I decided to use a dark navy blue background for the crisp white slopes. One of my favourite images of Christmas growing up was Santa flying across the globe in his sleigh pulled by his trusty reindeer. I guess it was (and still is) because it made anything seem possible. Dark things happen across the world everyday and it’s stories and symbols like Santa Claus that preserve hope.
The inside of the card is also special:
I loved the way it turned out so I decided to make a matching ornament. I used three white layers (each given enough dimension to pop) and backed them with a dark blue circle. I used another circle for the back and added a cute sentiment.
PicMonkey Collage
I hope you like them!

A flurry of wishes (Crafty Christmas #1)

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing my first Christmas project of the season :). I know, it seems kinda early to be thinking about Christmas, but when it comes to hand crafting you have to plan ahead (like waaaay ahead).

Today I’m showcasing my favourite Christmas stamp set, A Flurry of Wishes. This one was love at first sight <3. My friends know I have a thing for snowflakes (and winter in general) and celtic knots so this was just perfect for me. And it has a matching punch, I mean what more could a girl ask for ?
I’ve already made several projects using it but probably my favourite one is the banner I’m sharing today.
The image just doesn’t do it justice. It’s got beautiful font, some gold for sparkle and plenty of snowflakes…it’s soft, yet crisp and modern at the same time.
And since I loved it so much I decided to make some matching Christmas ornaments as well. These would make a great hand made gift for friends or family.
Christmas, at least for me, is a reminder to look at the world with wonder, to allow yourself to feel joy and share it with those around you.

Memories in a jar (DIY keepsake)

Today I have a sweet little keepsake idea (I just love this one!).

This summer I went to the south of Italy with two of my close friends. We went to the beautiful region of Puglia, known for its majestic olive groves, magnificent sandy beaches and amazing food. Everything about the place is inviting and beathtaking. So naturally it offers endless creative inspiration.

While I was there I collected sand and small pebbles from some of the beautiful beaches we went to (I always seemed to have ziplock bags with me ๐Ÿ™‚ ).
PicMonkey Collage
So when I got back I thought…hmm…now what ? I didn’t want to stick the bags in a drawer and just forget about them.

And then it hit me! I had a few empty Ikea Rajtan jars in the kitchen so I set to work. Luckily I had enough sand and pebbles to fill three jars. I made one for myself and another two to give to my friends who were with me on the trip.
This was the perfect way to remember our trip. When I’m feeling particularly nostalgic I take the lid off and take a whiff. It still gives off that lovely, salty sea smell (I’m sighing just thinking about it).

To decorate it I cut a circle out of watercolour paper, used a light blue to give it a soft background (you can’t really see it in the photo, it’s very light) and then I wrote the location, month and year on it and added a little flourish to fill the space around the edges. Tied a piece of coarse linen twine around it and done!
I keep mine on my desk and it always makes me smile <3.

DIY pencil holder

Hey guys! Today I have another fun and super easy project. I’m showing you how to turn a regular tin can into a beautiful pencil holder in just a few minutes.

These are three I made for my colleagues at work. They bring a little whimsy to our otherwise simple brown desks.
This is super easy to do and all you need is a tin can, a piece of designer/scrapbooking paper of your choice and some double sided tape.

Step 1: Measure the length of your tin can (in my case you can see it’s 10.3 cm.). You can use any size can you want/have, just wash it out after you eat the yummy inside :).
Step 2: Cut your paper to match the length of your can.
Step 3: Wrap the paper around the can to see how much you will need. Make sure you leave a little overlap and mark it with a pencil so you’ll know where to cut.
Then cut the excess off.
Step 4: Put a strip of double sided tape on the inside of one of the edges.
Step 5: Take the backing off your tape, wrap the paper around and stick it down. Press well to ensure it sticks nice and firm.
And voila! You have a beatiful piece of decor that can hold your pencils, paint brushes, pens etc.
Next time you make spaghetti make sure you save that can ๐Ÿ˜‰

A photo is worth a thousand words

In keeping with yesterday’s color challenge, today I’m sharing a lovely idea I got from Teneale Williams. I saw this in one of the Artisan Design Team Blog Hops and I knew I had to make one.

I actually ended up making two :), one for myself and one as a gift for my mom.
So the first thing you will need is a 18 x 24 cm (7 3/4″ x 9 3/4″) frame. I wanted to see how it would look with both a thick frame and a slender one so I got one of each. The silver one is a Ribba frame from Ikea and the black one is from my local Jysk store. Nothing fancy, just regular (inexpensive) frames.

Next you’ll need six 5 x 5 cm (2″ x 2″) photos. To get these tiny photos I used the Collage feature on PicMonkey. This is a fantastic (and free) picture editor which I use all the time.

I’ve made a few Print Screens of the process to help you get the general idea. But once you play around with PicMonkey you’ll see it’s very easy and user friendly.

Once you’re on the site you want to click on the Collage option:
A window will pop up to allow you to select which photos you want to upload:
Once uploaded your page will look like this:
Since we want a 10 x 15 cm (4″ x 6″) overall size you have to set it to 1800 x 1200 (make sure you unlock the boxes by clicking the little lock icon).
Now it’s time to drag & drop your photos. You will also see a menu of options on the left. Make sure you set your spacing to 0 when you don’t want a white border around your photos. For other collages you might but we don’t in this instance.
Keep adding photos by dragging & dropping:
When you’re done with your collage click save:
Save it to your computer and you’re done:
Then all you have to do is print the photo and cut it into squares.

The other little squares decorating the first layout are from the Moments Like These Project Life Accessory Pack, but you can use any scrapbooking or designer paper you have (just cut it to 5 x 5 cm). In the second version I made some of my own squares using vellum, sequins, stamps, designer paper etc. So you can make it your own.

I do hope you give it a try. It’s super easy and makes for a great home decor piece!